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Simple and Powerful

Cloud Software for Community and Aged Care Organisations

  • Client

    NDIS, DEX, CHSP & MDS compliant

  • Job

    Create & manage service delivery to your clients.

  • Meal Plans

    Client Meal Plans, Allergy & Meal Restrictions, Rotating Meal Menus

  • Worker

    Manage your worker's rosters, document & ceritifcations, roles & permissions etc.

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  • Easy to use, No Install Required. Using the latest technologies like HTML5 and Apple iPads our customers are able to use iCRM on their web browser, smartphone and tablets. No CDs, No Downloads, No Mess! iCRM functions just like your favourite website!
  • Designed with tomorrow in mind. iCRM is constantly evolving with the industry, we are continually up to date with the Australian HACC legislation from reporting requirements to new funding structures.
  • Software that works with you. iCRM is not your everyday "off the shelf" product. It is a custom solution to your organisation. Every install of iCRM is different and unique as we work with our customers to add new features and modify existing functions to support your current business processes.
  • Everything in one place. iCRM is modular by design, from Client Management to Stock Control everything lives inside iCRM. iCRM strives to be your one toolbox for your business.

Now Fully Integrated:



Multiple User

Cloud Support


Just like LEGO! 

iCRM is a state of the art software platform that lets you create new features and modify existing functionality to better suite your existing business processes.

From creating and designing new Reports to changing the colour of buttons iCRM is 100% customisable.

Community Software. 

Any new ideas or changes that you make to iCRM are shared with all our other customers, this created a unique community within the industry that strives to improve their business processes to better serve their customers.

Free 30 Day Trial

Click here to register for your own personal demo of iCRM software

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With iCRM, we can now easily manage our clients, volunteers, delivery of meals and other HACC services from any computer at any time. We made the switch to iCRM and we are amazed at how powerful the application can be. 

The software is easy to use and it just works. I love the stats that I can now gather from the custom reports you built for us. 

Your wonderful service is what any company should strive towards.

- Tweed Heads: Meals on Wheels