About iCRM

Company Profile:

iCRM is a cloud software platform that is specific to the Australian Aged Care industry. Using the latest web and mobile technologies, iCRM is positioned as the leading software in Meals on Wheels Australia and growing exponentially in Social & Domestic Support Services, Residential Aged Care and Respite Care Services. iCRM has many integrations with existing networks & services such as DEX, Oasis, MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Dynamics to name a few.


The iCRM Difference

iCRM is not a typical off-the-shelf software; it is a fully customised solution. Due to the dynamic and unique nature of the Australian Aged Care industry there are no two identical iCRM systems, the software is tailored to the organisation’s requirements from custom reports and 3rd party integrations to colours & font-size changes; nothing is too big or too small. If your business has any non-standard processes we can create a custom module to translate these processes from offline to online using web & mobile technologies.


Cloud Software

iCRM is a complete cloud-hosted solution, what this means for you and your organisation is:

·         Accessible Anywhere

o    Login from any internet connected device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc). iCRM provides complete functionality on all device types.

·         Continuous upgrades

o    There is no version 1.0 or 2.0 of iCRM, it is continuously updated and upgrades just like your favourite web services such as Facebook or eBay.

o    Any new features or mandatory reports are automatically installed on every iCRM system.

·         Server Management & Backups

o    SSL Certificates, Free Disk Space, Operating System Patches are all managed by our team of system administrators, one less IT headache to worry about.

o    Backups are automatically taken every 4 hours, we also provide a test site to restore old backups to or to use for internal training purposes.

·         Easy modifications

o    By using the latest web technologies, modifications and customisations can be implemented and deployed to your iCRM system rapidly.


iCRM Features

·         Client Database

o    Contains all fields from client intake forms (CHIAR, ONI etc.)

o    CHSP, MDS, NDIS & DEX compliant

o    Contacts List

o    Doctors Database Integration

o    Document & File Uploads

o    Holiday & Suspension Management

o    Advanced Searching Functionality

o    Multi-Service Enabled

·         Client Notes

o    Progress Notes

o    Ad hoc Notes

o    Email Notifications

o    Automated Logging

·         Rostering

o    Staff & Volunteer Availabilities

o    Once-Off & Recurring Assignments

o    Printable Job Sheets & Sign-Off Forms

·         Job Management

o    Integration with CHSP, MDS & NDIS services

o    Create once-off & recurring jobs

o    Assign jobs to client groups

o    Assign staff & volunteers to whole job or specific clients within the job

o    Mail-Merge integrations

o    Client pickup time management

·         Invoicing

o    Third Party integrations: MYOB, QuickBooks, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics etc.

o    Create customised Invoices, Quotes & Account Statements

o    Invoice package providers for multiple clients & services

·         Meals on Wheels

o    Client allergy & restriction management

o    Client meal plans

o    Run rosters & maps

o    Run sheets & meal labels

o    Meal stock control & supplier orders

·         Staff & Volunteer Database

o    Document & certification management (police checks, first aid, driver’s license, working with children etc.)

o    Document & File Uploads

o    Roles & permissions

o    Holiday & Suspension Management

o    Advanced Searching Functionality

·         Mobile Apps

o    iCRM is a progressive & responsive web software that can be run on any internet connected device

o    Staff & Volunteer Job Roster: Workers to login and view their current work & assigned clients

o    Meal Runs: Workers to check in and use GPS assisted navigation to deliver meals

o    Mobile Workers: Manage worker location and assigned jobs

·         Reports

o    The iCRM reporting system is the most customised module, every report is tailed to your needs

o    Example Reports:

§  Client Review Dates

§  Client Demographics

§  Staff & Volunteer Document & Certification Expirations

§  Service Reports (by dates, clients or services provided)